Choosing the right Danalock V3 for your door is easy!

With its country specific adapters, the Danalock V3 is globally compatible. It fits the three most common types of cylinders: drop-shaped Euro cylinders, oval Scandi lock cylinders and US deadbolt locks.

Euro profile


Assa 2000

US deadbolt

Click on the lock that matches your door

If you are unsure of what type of lock's mounted in your door, we've written a mini-guide for you

Trade in your old Danalock and get a new Danalock V3 with a discount in return

You can trade in your old Danalock for the new Danalock V3. Choose one of the four models below: Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave or HomeKit. The models fits all regular door locks, such as: Euro, Scandi/ASSA and US deadbolt doors.